XE88 Review

Online casinos are a great source of enjoyment and money-making for all those people in Malaysia and Singapore who either don’t have the time to go to a real physical casino or they just want to stay home due to the ongoing pandemic. The fact is that online casinos like XE88 are actually so much good because you can enjoy a real-time casino gaming experience from anywhere and anytime you want.

All you need is a stable internet connection, mobile phone, tablet, or PC and you are ready to go. We have been reviewing the best online casinos in Malaysia & Singapore for you so that you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without any inconvenience.

Today, we got a detailed XE88 review for you so that you can get all the information you need and start gambling straight from your home or office.

XE88 Review

While choosing an online casino to play, there’s a big need that you research everything about it to ensure whether if it’s the right choice for you or not. The reason behind doing this is that you won’t be left disappointed later on.

When you will research a casino before proceeding to play there, you will get an idea of how their gaming system works, what types of games you can play there, different payment gateways, promotions & bonuses available there. It will help you determine whether if it’s the right casino that fulfills all of your requirements and expectations or not. 

So, what is XE88 & what do they offer to you? What types of games you can play there? Is their security system good? These are the questions that we have been frequently asked, so let’s explore everything you need to know about XE88 online casino.

What is XE88 Online Casino?

XE88 is one of the most famous and rapidly growing online casinos in Singapore & Malaysia. It is a new platform with the latest technology & a great alternative for those who are bored and tired of playing at the same old online casinos. XE88 got a good game collection along with an excellent security system which makes it the perfect choice for all casino lovers.

History of XE88

XE88 was launched back in 2018 and they are reaching new heights of success with every passing day. The biggest proof is that they have recorded more than one million downloads on their mobile phone application. Achieving the milestone of more than one million downloads in just three years is not a cakewalk. It reflects extreme professionalism and excellent services offered by XE88 online casino and that is the reason why more and more people are registering on their platform day by day.

Key Features of XE88 Online Casino

Obviously, there are so many online casinos out there and all of them offer you different games to play, so why you should prefer XE88 online casinos over the other online casinos out there? Are there some hot features that set XE88 apart from other online casinos? Well, yes! We are going to drop the key features of the XE88 online casino that make it different and unique from many other online casinos in the market.

User-friendly & Stable Platform

The biggest perk of playing at XE88 is that you will get to play at a very stable & user-friendly platform. At many other online casinos, the gaming platforms are so much unstable that you get keep getting disconnected after a few minutes. This not only ruins the fun & excitement of the whole gaming experience but also prevents you from completely concentrating on the game and eventually you end up losing your money. Moreover, the games take a lot of time to load which makes it very frustrating for the players to hold on there and play fearlessly.

XE88 understands all of these problems and that is why they have a well-equipped and professionally qualified IT team that is always working to keep the entire gaming platform stable so that everyone enjoys a fast, smooth, and uninterrupted gaming experience. XE88 games load super fast and the servers are so much good that they won’t let you down at any time. The user-friendly interface is designed in a way that everyone finds it easy to use the platform and this is why everything from download, registration, login, deposit, and gameplay to withdrawal is kept plain & simple for a better understanding of the users.

Good Quality & Quantity of Games

It is not very easy to keep the quality & quantity of games at par with each other but the XE88 team has done that so much effectively. XE88 got a large variety of games and all of them just got equally superb quality. From loading time and game designs to gameplay, everything is smooth and nice. The game collection of XE88 is very fascinating. It is actually a blend of slot games, live casino games, traditional table games, and modern arcade games as well. All the games run on high-quality and licensed software to ensure fair play and a nonstop gaming experience. Moreover, the aesthetically pleasing design of the game makes the games very attractive for the players and that is why they keep coming back to play those games again & again.

Excellent Security Measures

There have been a lot of unfortunate incidents reported where the players either lost their hard-earned money at the online casino or their sensitive private information was leaked out and fell into the unauthorized & wrong hands. This is what happens when people put their trust into a random online casino without researching anything about them and later on they have to regret their mistake.

XE88’s foremost policy is to respect the privacy of the players and leave no stone unturned to protect their sensitive private credentials like identity details and financial information such as bank account number, etc. For this purpose, XE88 has a qualified cybersecurity team that is keeping an eye on the whole platform to detect any suspicious activity and prevent anyone from stealing the user’s private information. 

They’re using the latest technology such as the 128-bit encryption system to keep the user’s data protected and prevent any third party from accessing it. Therefore, you can fearlessly enjoy a nonstop gaming and gambling experience at XE88 without worrying about your privacy as everything is in safe hands.

Customer Care – 24/7

The thing with online casinos is that everyone is playing from different locations & connected through the internet. So, if someone encounters any problem or got a question, there’s no one around to help. For that purpose, XE88 has a 24/7 customer care center where their team is sitting all the time to listen to your questions and problems and give you the best possible solutions accordingly. Their customer care team is highly trained, professional, and does more than what is possible to help out the customers.

A lot of other online casinos poorly lack customer care as they don’t have any effective system in place to solve the problems of the players. But at XE88, if you got any problem or question, just contact their support team through any possible means as they’re ever ready & willing to help you out.

Fair Play

The problem with online casinos is that you are sitting at a random location hundreds of miles away and connected to the casino with the help of the internet. The only thing between you and the casino is your mobile or computer screen. So, the problem here is that the online casinos can do anything they want to cheat/rig and you just cannot look beyond the screen to check if all gaming systems and software of that casino are rigged or not. This has practically happened in many cases as well.

However, at XE88 you do not have to worry about any type of rigging and cheating because XE88 is a licensed casino with a good reputation and thousands of players from all across Malaysia & Singapore. Their gaming software has been audited and tested by the international licensing authorities to ensure that they follow all the protocols of fair play & have nothing suspicious within them.

This makes XE88 a great choice for all casino lovers because fair play is that one thing that is appreciated by every single casino player.

Premium Graphics & Sound Effects

The combination of aesthetically attractive graphics and pleasing sound effects is what makes an online casino more interesting to play. Honestly, no one is going to play at an online casino that has poor graphics and dull sound effects. The reason is quite obvious that it makes the game very boring and annoying.

XE88 understands this and that’s why they have got a very cool setup of premium graphics along with some really cool sound effects. A slight touch of colorful animations along with attractive music keeps the players attracted to the game and prevents any distraction. The best thing about XE88 themes, colors, animations, & designs is that they are all structured around the culture of Malaysia & Singapore. Therefore, XE88 is the way to go for you because it got all the features you need.

The drawback of XE88 Online Casino

It’s a well-known fact that nothing is perfect in this world. Similarly, XE88 also has a drawback along with all the hot features that we mentioned above. Let’s take a look at the drawback of the XE88 online casino:

No Tutorials for Beginners

The fact is that not everyone who joins XE88 is already a casino player and got all the relevant knowledge on how to play different games and win money. Of course, there are so many beginners as well who are just starting out with online casino gaming & don’t have any knowledge on how things actually work. XE88 does not have any tutorials r free trial system in place that allows the user to get their hands on different games and practice before putting their precious money at stake. It is something that the XE88 team really should work on if they also want to assist the complete beginners who are willing to start their gambling career at XE88.

How to Win at XE88?

Although different online casino games have different tips & tricks to win, there are some basic rules that you must have to follow if you want to have any chance at winning the game. These basic tips will help you get better and improve your winning chances. So here’s what you should do:

Know the Game

It will be a very foolish move if you just deposit your money at a random game and proceed to play it without having any prior knowledge of the game. If you do so, you will surely end up losing unless you are too much lucky because how can you expect yourself to beat a casino game when you don’t know anything about it?

What our experts recommend is that first, you should choose a game that has a less house edge. A less house edge means you have better chances of winning. Once you have determined the game with less house edge which you are going to play, the next thing you should do is to take your time and learn all the basics & advanced strategies of the game. This is the right thing to do if you are playing an online casino for the sake of making money. Otherwise, if you are just seeking some enjoyment regardless of whether if you win or lose then you can just carry in & have some fun.

Bet like a Pro

Strategically placing your bet is an art that can bring a lot of money in your pocket if you do it the right way.

Use the professional betting tricks such as the Martingale strategy (you retain your bet on winning one round and double it on losing one round) the D’alembert strategy (you decrease your bet when you win & increase it when you lose).

These strategies will turn the money flow of the game on your side & help you become profitable.