Super sic bo winning strategy

There are plenty of awesome and cool games in the casino and super sic bo is one of them. A lot of people think Sic Bo is very complex and difficult, so it is not for them. But that’s not the case. Sic Bo is not as hard as it seems and you can win this game if you understand the basics strategies along with some tips and tricks.

If you are just starting with Sic Bo or struggling with winning on it, then you are at the right place. We are going to drop the best super Sic Bo winning strategy that will help you go on a hot streak and win the game.

What is Sic-Bo?

Sic Bo has different names. It is also called Tai Sai, Big-Small, and Hi-Lo. Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game that is played with three dice. It is a popular casino game with thousands of players all across the world. Sic Bo is all about betting and predicting that a certain condition in the game will be satisfied after rolling out the dice.

Sic Bo gameplay involves a table, a dice, and the players. The players have to put their bet on certain areas on the table, after that the dealer rolls the dice. If the dice rolls the winning combination, then the player wins and if the dice do not roll the winning combination, then the player loses. This is exactly how the game of Sic Bo works. 

Sic Bo Table Layout

Knowing about the table layout is very crucial to win any casino game and the same is the case with Sic Bo. As we just said above that in Sic Bo, you have to place your bet on certain parts of the table. If you’ve no idea about how the table looks like, don’t worry because we will explain to you everything about the Sic Bo table layout. 

So the thing is that the Sic Bo table might look very complex and weird to you at the first sight because there are a lot of numbers and symbols all over it. But if you look into the details, you will find that it is simple and easy to understand. Just like when you see a math problem, it looks very difficult at first but as soon as the teacher explains it to you, it becomes a piece of cake. 

Let’s start with the layout of the table:   

  1. There are six betting areas on the bottom that are numbered from one to six. These six spots have a low payout but better odds of winning.
  2.  In the middle, there are pair bets that are usually considered ideal for placing a pair bet.
  3.  On the top, there is a series of different numbers. Actually, these numbers represent the total amount of numbers you can land after rolling the dice.

You have to choose to place your bet on any of the regions of numbers mentioned above. If the dice roll gives out the winning combination, you will win the bet.

Sic Bo Dice Shaker

You just learned above that once you have placed your bet, next the dealer shakes the dice to see the results. The dice are usually shaken with the help of a small container known as the Sic Bo dice shaker. There are two types of Sic Bo dice shakers:

Manual Dice Shakers

You are probably familiar with the manual dice shakers because these are the ones that are most commonly used. The dice are placed in a small container and it is manually shaken with the help of the hand. Manual dice shakers are usually cheap and that’s why there are commonly used.

Electronic Dice Shaker

The second one is an electronic dice shaker. It came into the market with the advancement in technology. An electronic dice shaker contains a vibrating system that automatically shakes the dice once you place them inside. These are a bit expensive than the manual dice shakers.  

Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo rules are also quite plain and simple:

For Single Numbers

There are six betting areas on the bottom of the table numbered from 1-6 also known as single numbers. If one of the three dices will give out a number from 1-6 then you will get a payout. If two of the dices give out a number from 1-6 then you will get a double payout and if all three dices give out a number from 1-6 then you will get a triple payout. 

For Pair of Numbers (Double Digits)

In the middle of the table, there are pairs of numbers like 6 and 4. Just like the above condition, if the dices will give out the winning combination, then you will be given a payout.

For Triple Numbers

The rule is the same for the triple numbers. If the dices will give out a winning combination, then you will get a payout according to the situation. 

How to Play Sic Bo?

There is no rocket science behind playing Sic Bo. It is actually very easy to play if your try to understand the gameplay.

There are different betting areas on the table. In the bottom, there are single numbers, in the middle, there are pairs of numbers and on the top, there’s a series of numbers. You have to bet on any of these bet areas. Once you have placed your bet, the dealer shakes three dices in a shaker. If the dice give out a winning combination that matches your area of bet, then you will win and get a payout. 

For example, you placed a bet on single numbers (1-6) at the bottom of the table and any of the three dices give out a number ranging from 1-6, you will win and get a payout depending upon rules. 

Is Sic Bo Rigged?

No! Sic Bo is not rigged as long as you are playing on a licensed and legitimate casino. It’s because licensed casinos are audited by the licensing authorities and declared to be fair. If they are caught rigging Sic Bo, their gaming license will be canceled and they will face jail and heavy fines. It will destroy their whole business. So it’s not in favor of casinos to rig Sic Bo because of the risk associated.

Moreover, Sic Bo has a house edge ranging from 3% to 16%. So the casinos don’t actually need to rig Sic Bo because the game already has an advantage over the players and generating enough profit for the casinos. 

Best Way to Win in Sic Bo

Generally, Sic Bo is a game of chance and the results just depend upon your luck. But you can use your own strategies to beat the odds and increase your winning chances. So here are few tips:

  • Avoid Gambler’s Fallacy : A lot of gamblers have become a victim to fallacy. They think that if the dice are continuously rolling out big numbers then it will not give out small numbers now but that’s wrong. The dice results are totally random and independent of the previous results so keep that in your mind, please. 
  • Avoid Betting on Multiple Numbers : In Sic Bo, you are allowed to place multiple bets but we don’t recommend you do so. It’s because you will end up losing a lot of money.

Sic Bo Winning Trick

Here’s a Sic Bo winning trick you should follow:

Either Bet on Small or Big Area

Usually, small and big areas have better odds in Sic Bo and it means that you have more winning chances if you place your bet on those areas.

Sic Bo Dice Pattern

You may be disappointed to find that there is no dice pattern in Sic Bo. Every dice rollout is an independent and random event. The results of a dice roll have nothing to do with the previous results of the same dice. If you got 5 on the dice in the previous roll, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will get a 5 again. That’s the exact reason why there are no patterns in Sic Bo.