NetEnt Review

Do you know that it is very important to conduct detailed research about an online casino before joining it? The reason behind this is that it will help you get a complete overview of that particular online casino and help you determine whether if it is the right choice for you or not. Jumping into a random online casino without knowing about it at all will only lead to disappointment as your expectations will not be fulfilled.

We are bringing the latest and full detailed reviews of different online casinos so that you can get a complete overview of them and decide whether if it is the perfect choice for you or not. In this article, we are going to have a complete NetEnt review along with all the info you must know about it.

So let’s start without wasting any time. 

What is NetEnt?

NetEnt is one of the giants and leading casino game developers in the market today. They are probably the most experienced and mature casino game developers as they were founded almost 25 years ago in 1996. 

NetEnt is renowned for developing high-quality games for online casinos that keep the players always interested and focused on the game and that is the reason why their games have been used by multiple online casinos because the players like them and they keep coming back to play them over and over again.

More About NetEnt

Today, NetEnt is famously recognized as the most famous and profitable online casino game developer company. You can have an idea about their fame and profit from the fact that they have got big shares listed in Stockholm. They have a huge number of games in their catalog which falls somewhere between 200 and 250.   

Something even more interesting is that they have employed more than 1,000 people for their company and currently they are operational in 180 to 200 famous online casinos in the market. 

The reason behind their massive fame & success is that they use the latest cutting-edge technology and software in their gaming systems to ensure that the users enjoy a very smooth, nonstop, and thrilling gaming experience. 

At this moment, you are probably more curious and desperate than ever before to know more about NetEnt. So, let’s explore what they offer to the customers and the main reasons behind their success.

Games Quality of NetEnt

All the reputation of an online casino game developer company revolves around the quality of the games they bring for the players. No one is going to like a game developer that brings boring games for the players which are just a waste of time. You can even ask yourself right now; will you like to play online casino games with poor graphics, audio, and video quality? Play the games with boring themes and gameplays? Your answer is surely a very big no! And it’s quite obvious that why would you bother playing poor quality games after paying your precious money?

So what is so special about the NetEnt games? What makes them different from others and why do people love to play them? Let’s check them out. 

No Lagging

The worst nightmare of an online casino player is the lagging of the games. All of us would agree on a single thing that lagging just ruins all of your gaming experience. It makes you lose your focus and concentration on the game and you eventually end up losing. 

Generally, the games lag because either you have got a weaker internet connection or there are technical flaws inside the game. NetEnt has an extremely professional IT team that has made some of the best games in the online casino industry so far. Their games don’t have any such technical flaws and are of superb premium quality. 

So, if you are tired of lagging during games then you must try out any of NetEnt games and you will speak about your experience yourself. However, you also need to have a good fast internet connection on your end to eliminate lagging from your game because without a good internet connection you won’t be able to enjoy a lag-free gaming atmosphere.

HD Video Quality

You have probably seen a glimpse of how the video qualities used to be back in the 80s and 90s. If you compare it with the high video qualities of the modern era, you will probably say that the old video qualities were just terrible and nothing as compared to the ones used today.

Similarly, the video qualities of the casino games in the past have been quite awful but it’s okay because the technologies at that time were not at par with the latest ones we use today. 

NetEnt has deployed the use of the latest cutting-edge technologies and software in their system and that’s why they have a high-resolution HD video quality in all of their games. The high resolution and use of cutting-edge technology make the game load faster and reduce the lagging significantly.

 Moreover, the entire gameplay looks more enjoyable due to the high video resolution. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to have a stable and fast internet connection to enjoy the HD video quality because if you got a lazy and unstable internet connection then you are going to face a lot of problems like more loading time and lagging, etc.

Premium Graphics & Audio

The graphic & audio quality of a game is something that makes you feel well connected with the game. If the graphics and audio of a game are poor then you are going to find the game very boring and uninteresting. You will not get that feeling of thrill, pleasure, and excitement while playing.

NetEnt team has especially worked on their graphics and audio quality over the past years and today the results are just awesome.

 All of the NetEnt games feature high-quality graphics and audio that are very attractive and keep the players interested in the game. The rich aesthetics of the graphics and relaxing audio in the background make the player drown deeper into the thrilling and exciting gameplay experience. 

You will feel absorbed into the game and deeply connected with it.

You don’t lose your concentration that easily and play with full focus on winning the game. 

Green Screen Technology

The problem you will find with many other competitors of NetEnt is that they would have physically installed tables in physical rooms which make the game look quite odd. 

NetEnt has changed that old-fashioned trend by introducing and using green screen technology. The special thing about green screen technology is that it is easy to manipulate and thus gives far more modern and stylish visuals in the game to the players. 

There is an instruction button on the screen that will show you all the relevant rules of the game along with the instructions you need to play the game. So you will have a far more modern and accessible gaming experience with NetEnt as compared to others.

Chat with Dealer

When you are playing at an online casino you are sitting hundreds of miles away from the casino and connected to them with the help of a computer or mobile phone screen. This makes a few people very anxious because they can’t see anything beyond the screen so they start doubting the authenticity of the entire gaming and gambling experience.

NetEnt has solved this problem once for all as well by introducing a very unique and interesting option of live chatting with the dealer. You can interact with them during the game and ask them a different question or just chit-chat to make the game more interesting and enjoyable. Moreover, the chat with the dealer option makes the game look way more authentic and realistic. 

Game Catalog of NetEnt

Now as you have learned about the excellent gaming experience offered by NetEnt, now it’s time to take a look at the games available to play at NetEnt.

So what types of NetEnt games you can play? Let’s find out:

Live Roulette – NetEnt

If you take a look at the most famous and most played casino games then you are surely going to find out roulette in that list as well. Roulette is one of the most unpredictable casino table games that are full of a lot of excitement and thrill. 

NetEnt offers you to play live roulette and provides you a superb experience with that. Whether you are a fan of French or European roulette, the good thing is that you will get to play both variants of the game.

The roulette table is beautifully designed and features the theme of a spaceship. The dealer wears a fascinating uniform and the background of the game also revolves around the concept of a spaceship. Different promotions and bonuses provide you with more opportunities to enjoy a classic roulette experience without any kind of restrictions and disruption.

You can easily place your bet and win money upon your win.

Live Blackjack – NetEnt 

Blackjack is the most played casino table card game right now. What makes this game unique is that in blackjack, you can control & influence the results of the game to some extent as compared to other casino games where everything is just all about luck.

In blackjack, you can utilize your strategies and implement them in the game to counter every single move of the dealer and take the game in your favor to win & make money.

NetEnt offers you to play blackjack according to the standard European rules and enjoy the game with a real-time dealer and a real-life experience.

This is not the end as there is a large number of more games in their catalog and you can choose to play any of them at any time you want.

Platform of NetEnt

The gaming platform is something that will probably matter the most to every casino player because it is what makes the game more interesting and easier to play. Here are some best features that we found in the gaming platform of NetEnt:


Some online casino gaming platforms lack much flexibility and they are limited either to IOS, Android, or PC. It makes the game very much inaccessible for a lot of players. 

NetEnt has come up with a very flexible and balanced platform that is built using HTML-5. Their platform is completely accessible for all kinds of devices like iPhone, Android, or tablet, etc. It means that you can have quality gameplay regardless of your device.

Easy Screen Toggling

One of the best perks of playing at NetEnt is that your screen is not locked and limited to a single screen type. You can easily toggle and shift your screen to different positions such as landscape and portrait, etc. This factor is very useful as you can smoothly adjust the screen according to your preferred style and design.

Easy Controls

You will find many complaints about different gaming platforms that their controls are difficult to access and also obstruct your gameplay. However, that is not the case with NetEnt.

NetEnt has strategically placed the control buttons at such points where you can easily access them and they don’t obstruct or disturb your gameplay at all. So a clear and smooth gaming experience is something that is guaranteed at NetEnt.

Good Security

NetEnt has one of the best qualified IT teams that are responsible for ensuring the quality of the games. All of their games are developed in a way that they are not easy to exploit, hack, and cheat. They use effective & latest technology to ensure that the games work fairly without any manipulation.

Professional Dealers

Having a professional and qualified dealer hosting your game is no less than a blessing and the good thing is that NetEnt has them!

The live dealers at NetEnt are very professional and have a positive attitude towards the players. They welcome you by calling your name and have a constant smile and freshness on their face throughout the game. No, you won’t find them yawning or sleeping as seen on many other platforms.

They are easy to communicate with and they dress really well to give you a classical and thrilling feel of gambling.

Customer Care

NetEnt team cares a lot about their customers and they are always available for your service. You can let them know about your problems and feedbacks and they will always value your opinion and address your problems.

Final Words

NetEnt believes in quality and excellent service. They have got some of the best games in their collection that you can enjoy at any time you want and the good thing is that you will never be disappointed with the quality and superb services offered at NetEnt.