Live22 Review

The trend of online casino gaming is increasing in Malaysia & Singapore and more people are now becoming interested in it. The reason is that not much of us in Malaysia have the leisure time to go to a physical casino due to busy schedules plus it’s generally unsafe these days due to the ongoing pandemic. So, online casinos are the only time-saving and safest solution here. You can enjoy a real-time casino gambling & gaming experience at any time you want and from anywhere you are located in Malaysia & Singapore.

We have been bringing the best online casinos in Malaysia & Singapore to you and reviewing them in detail so that you can know each of them better & decide which one is right for you. In this article, we have dropped a detailed Live22 review along with everything you need to know about it.

So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s jump into the article!

Live22 Review

Whenever you are going to play at any particular online casino, you need to determine if it’s the right choice or not. Depositing your money at a random online casino before researching anything about it may leave you disappointed such as you may not like their games collection, their payment gateways might not be accessible for you, they might be rigging games or scamming players, etc. 

This is why you should play at a legit & genuine casino like Live22 because it is licensed and got everything you need to enjoy a superb casino gaming & gambling experience.

So, what does Live22 offers to its players? We’ll take a detailed look at this review.

What is Live22 Online Casino?

Live22 is another popular online casino with a huge collection of games available to play. The good thing about their games is that they’re equally suitable for beginners and advanced players. What it means is that you can get to play games with different difficulty levels. 

Moreover, Live22 has a user-friendly interface that allows smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. They have got an excellent firewall security system that is at par with the international standards and protects the private identity and financial details of all the players. The casino is licensed and fair play is the core of their policy.

History of Live22

Live22 began its operations back in 2010 and its only goal was to provide state of an art gaming experience to its players. Today, they have accomplished all of their goals and their fame is touching new heights of glory. From a vast collection of games to secure payments and fair gameplay, you will get everything you need at Live22.

Why Choose Live22 Online Casino?

What are the qualities that set Live22 apart from other online casinos in Malaysia & Singapore? Why you should choose to play at Live22 online casino? What do they offer at Live22 online casino?

Let’s move on and explore all the hot and special features of Live22 online casino.

Live22 is Mobile Friendly

There are many famous online casinos out there that are always making big claims about themselves but their performance sucks when it comes to mobile friendliness as many of their games won’t even fit the mobile screen.

Live22 has an edge over many of the online casinos as their games and the entire platform is friendly for mobile users. So, it means that even if you have a mobile phone with a small screen, you will still be able to enjoy an endless gaming experience. The mobile platform of Live22 is very responsive & all the control buttons, thumbnails, and guidelines are strategically placed to ensure a smooth gambling & gaming experience without any inconvenience.

So, from now there is no need to worry if you don’t have a PC because Live22 is out there to help you enjoy online casino gaming straight from your bedroom or office on your mobile phone.

Live22 is Secure & Safe

There have been many incidents on the media where the sensitive details of people such as private identity information, financial info like bank account number, and other stuff were leaked out from online casinos either by the hackers or the casinos themselves. 

Live22 respects and values the privacy of their customers and for that, they have an effective firewall and encrypted security system in place that will do the job of protecting all of the user’s credentials from any unauthorized access and also prevents any hacker or exploiter from rigging the game. So, it is safe to say that at Live22, your privacy is in safe hands and you can enjoy an endless gaming experience without any inconvenience.

Promotions & Bonuses

You got to admit that casinos are boring if they don’t offer you any promotions & bonuses. No one would like to deposit their precious money at a casino where you don’t get anything extra in return. Live22 values its customers and they want them to keep coming back. That is why they offer them attractive bonuses and promotions such as signup bonuses, login bonuses, birthday bonuses, daily login bonuses, etc.

Bigger Collection of Games

The fact is that any casino gamer would prefer a casino with more games over any other casino. It’s because when you have a bigger collection of games, you have a lot more choices for the players. It keeps the players attracted to the casinos and makes them coming back happily. The reason is quite obvious that when there are so many games to play, the players will never get bored of it and will keep trying new and new games every time.

At Live22, you will get plenty of games to play and thus, it is safe to say that you will never get bored of playing them. Whether you are a fan of modern casino games like slots, fishing, and racing cars, or you want to try your luck at traditional casino games like live baccarat and blackjack; you will get to play almost every casino game at Live22. 

The good thing about Line22 games is that they’re aesthetically attractive with pleasing designs that make the players fall in love with them. Try your luck at any of the games and you won’t ever be disappointed.

Excellent Customer Care

Would you ever like to play at an online casino where the administration won’t even listen to you and is not ready to solve your problems? Absolutely No! Is it right?

That’s the exact reason why Live22 is best for you because they have a very supportive customer care team that is always willing to listen to your problems and do more than their capacity to help you. If you ever face any problem at Live22 online casino, just contact their customer and they will immediately respond to your queries.

Live Casino Service

It’s quite obvious that those who are used to play at an on-ground physical casino would never feel the same thrill and excitement while playing online casino games. If you are also one of them then there is no need to worry.

Live22 offers a real-time live casino malaysia gaming experience to its players. The best thing about the Live22 online casinos is that they offer a payout of 97% to their players as compared to the 86% offered at the real casinos. Moreover, you will be able to concentrate & focus on the game much better because you won’t be surrounded by dozens of people that are staring at you all the time. 

Promotion, Bonuses & Benefits at Live22

It is an obvious fact that the players deposit their hard-earned and precious money at the casino to get better services in return. Thus, it’s the responsibility of a casino to give the players everything they deserve. 

So, what are the promotions, benefits, and bonuses that you are offered at Live22? Well, there’s a lot for you! Let’s check out:

Welcome Bonus – Slot 100%

If you are depositing your first ever payment at Live22 then the good news for you here is that you are going to get a welcome bonus of up to 100%. All you have to do is to deposit the required minimum amount (50 MYR) and then send a message (SLOT100% WELCOME BONUS) to the casino admin team to claim your 100% welcome bonus and enjoy playing games to win more money.

Monthly Deposit Bonus – VIP Slot 100%

Customer care is the core of the policy of Live22 and that’s why they reward their loyal customers who keep playing regularly. What you have to do is to deposit at least 500 RYM and then you will count eligible for the VIP 100% slot bonus. 

Along with that, there are many other bonuses as well such as weekly turnover and weekly rebate bonuses, etc.

Licensing of Live22

The reason why Live22 is one of the secure and reliable online casinos in Malaysia & Singapore is that Live22 is licensed by international organizations. 

Live22 uses state-of-the-art and high-quality software from GamingSoft, Microgaming & NetEnt that are licensed by Cagayan Economic Zone.

This means that all the gaming software, payment gateways, and security systems are verified and declared to be fair. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the security of your private credentials because everything is in safe hands at Live22.

Is Live22 Online Casino Rigged?

No, Live22 is not rigged at all.

The fact is that Live22 online casino uses high-quality gaming software that is licensed internationally. The licensing authorities assess the software and run different checks on it to ensure that it works smoothly and follows the protocols of fair play. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about rigging at Live22 because they’re a licensed online casino.

Another thing that we need to keep forward is that the Live22 online casino cannot afford to rig the games. Just compare the risks VS benefits and you will find out that they really can’t afford to rig. Live22 has thousands of loyal customers and they are making a good profit every day.

By rigging any game, they will barely make a few bucks whereas, on the other hand, they will lose all of their loyal customers and profit even if they are caught rigging for once. No one would like to play at an online casino that is notorious for rigging.

So, the bottom line is that all casino games have a house edge over the players and the casinos are always on the profitable side in the longer run. They don’t need to rig because they’re already making enough profit. They can lose their entire business if they are caught rigging at once. So, you can fearlessly play any game at Live22 because they are licensed, audited, and certified to be fair.

Security System at Live22

Whenever you are playing at an online casino, you are putting many things at stakes such as your precious & hard-earned money, your private identity details, and your financial information. Thus, there’s a big need for an effective system in place that will protect all the sensitive data and prevent them from falling into wrong hands. 

Live22 online casino understands the importance of protecting the user’s sensitive information and that is the reason why they have a solid security system in place. Live22 online casino uses a strong firewall and 128-bit encryption system that is built for protecting all of your data that needs to be protected. Moreover, another threat comes from the hackers that are always launching different attacks to either steal the user’s sensitive information or to rig the game. The security firewall of Live22 online casinos acts as a wall of steel against the hackers and fails every single of their attacks.

Drawbacks of Live22

Live22 is good at almost all the factors that make a perfect online casino but it also has a drawback and that is:

Slow Loading Time

The games at Live22 online casino take a bit longer to load but keeping in view all the other benefits it provides; the wait is just worth it!

Final Thoughts

Live22 is a licensed online casino that is providing you a vast variety of games to play from anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore. They have got a tight security system to protect all of your private information and a user-friendly interface that allows you to enjoy nonstop casino gaming & gambling experience.