Is roulette rigged

Roulette is one of the most famous and oldest casino games. It entered the casinos in 1796 and since that its popularity is increasing day by day. If you are a regular roulette player, you must have wondered at once whether if the roulette games at the casino are rigged or not. We’ve seen a lot of people ranting about roulette being rigged and confusing other people. That’s why we decided to write this article and clarify everything. Is roulette rigged? Let’s find it out.

Is Electronic Roulette Rigged?

With the advancement in technology, the gambling world has also become digital. Recently, electronic roulette has become very popular in casinos. Electronic roulette doesn’t require the presence of a dealer and saves their hiring cost to the casinos. For players, they feel more relaxed playing when there’s no dealer around them. Since electronic roulette is new and digitally powered, a lot of people complain that it is rigged. 

Is electronic roulette rigged? Absolutely not! Electronic roulette is just a machine with a simple working mechanism. It has an air blower that runs on software, which throws the ball into the roulette slots according to the force and speed utilized by the user. 

Another objection is that electronic roulette runs on magnets. That’s also not correct. Electronic roulette has proximity sensors in the middle that detect the movement of the ball. Thus, electronic roulette is almost similar to live/table roulette. Actually, live/table roulette is easier to rig as the dealer can be trained to land the ball at the desired place. 

Is Lightning Roulette Rigged?

No! If you’re playing lightning roulette at a legitimate live casino in malaysia, then you do not have to worry about rigging at all. Legitimate casinos mean that those casinos which are certified and licensed by the governments. Their machines and software are audited by the licensing authorities and if they are found rigging, their licenses are canceled along with a heavy fine and imprisonment.

So it is not in their favor to rig the lightning roulette as it will not only lead to legal action against them but also a bad reputation and loss of trust. No one will like to go to a casino that is notorious for rigging. That is why we will recommend you avoid going to scam casinos and play at a legitimate one with a good reputation. 

Lightning Roulette Strategy

If you are struggling with winning lightning roulette, do not fret. Just follow these proven and effective tricks that will help you go on a hot streak:

1- Bet on all numbers

One of the most basic strategies of lightning roulette is to bet on all numbers. Although it’s very risky, you will get a very big payout if the lucky numbers land. However, in case you lose, don’t double your bets to recover the previous loss because now you are covering the whole wheel, and losing even once or twice will be a huge loss.

2- Double your bet when you win, not when you lose

This trick is worth following as it will help you ace the game and go on a hot streak. Just double the bet when you win and retain the bet when you lose. For example, if placed a bet of $10 in the first round and you won, then place a bet of 20$ in the second round. But if you lose the bet of $10 in the first round, then you bet $10 again in the second round. This trick will help you play for a long time and increase your chances of winning a grand payout. 

3- Start betting with bonus money

The only thing that matters the most while betting is money. What if you get bonus money from somewhere? You can use that bonus money for betting and making big money out of it. All you need to do is find the right offer. Many casinos give you a bonus for signing up and some give you a monthly or weekly bonus for playing regularly. You can use that bonus money to bet in lightning roulette. This way, you will feel free to take risks and big decisions as you’ll know that even if you lose, the money is not going from your pocket. It’s just the bonus.

Is Bovada Roulette Rigged?

Bovada is among the most popular roulettes. It is a brick & mortar roulette which means that you can not only play it live at the casino but also online over the internet. If you’re thinking that bovada roulette is rigged, that’s truly wrong. 

Bovada roulette is famous all over the world with millions of customers from all over the world. They were licensed in Canada and if you don’t know, the Canadian government cares a lot about fairness and fair play. When we say that bovada roulette is licensed, it means that their machines and software are audited by the licensing authorities and there is no space for rigging. In fact, if you search online, you will find rarely find anything about bovada roulette being rigged. 

For your information, the bovada roulette has a built-in mathematical advantage known as “the house edge”. It means that the roulette games are mathematically programmed in a way that they are bound to win a certain percentage of every bet over the long run. 

So they do not need to rig the game when they already have the house advantage and thousands of customers. In short term, people do win games. But in long term, the casinos earn their due profit. So overall, they make more money this way!

Is Quantum Roulette Rigged?

No, quantum roulette is not scammed as long as you’re playing it through a licensed casino. It’s because the software and machines of licensed casinos are audited and certified to be fair. 

Just like other roulette games, quantum roulette also has the advantage of the house. It means that mathematically, the game has an edge over the player. There is a famous incident when the renowned scientist Albert Einstein once tried his best to beat the roulette game but he failed. In the end, he said, “No one can beat roulette unless he steals the money from the table when the croupier is not looking.

In long term, the casino wins and in short term, the players win. This is how the people keep coming back and the casinos also keep making money. That’s the way things work.

What is Quantum Roulette?

Quantum roulette is basically similar to the format of traditional roulette but with a little bit of twist. There are different rounds, and players place their bet in every round. Once the bet is placed, the straight-up numbers receive a random multiplier (like x50, x100, x150, x200, x250, x300, and so on) which is paid out according to the stake of that bet. Quantum roulette is played in the presence of a dealer with a slingshot roulette wheel. 

Quantum Roulette Rules

Here are the basic rules of quantum roulette:

  1. If the game is in the process when you enter the table, you will have to wait for the next round.
  2. You have to choose a chip and put it in the betting position to place a bet.
  3. You are allowed to choose multiple chips and place them at multiple betting positions.
  4. There’s a timer that shows you how much time you got left.
  5. You have to confirm your bet by pressing the confirm button within the given time otherwise it’ll be locked at the default option.
  6. The winner is paid out at the end of the round.
  7. To play again, you have to press the re-bet button and place your bet again.
  8. To skip your turn, do not place any bet on the table otherwise you will be considered in the game.

Is Auto Roulette Rigged?

No, auto roulette works on a random number selection mechanism. If you are playing at a licensed casino then there’s no need to worry because their machines and software are audited and certified as fair. 

Moreover, the casinos do not even need to rig auto roulette because they already have a built-in house advantage which gives them a mathematical and technical edge over the player. So in short term, individuals can win individual games but in the long run, the casino always wins its due amount of profit due to the built-in house advantage. 

How to Know If the Roulette Wheel is rigged?

Generally, the roulette wheel can be rigged by placing a magnet system or any other device under the wheel.

You cannot detect whether if the wheel is rigged or not unless you physically check the interior of the wheel. So the best and safest solution is that you only play at the licensed casinos with a good reputation and avoid playing at scam casinos. It’s because the machines and software of licensed casinos are audited and declared clear and fair by the licensing authorities. 

Actually, the casinos don’t rig because it’s too risky for them. If they’re caught rigging, their license will be canceled and they will be subjected to a heavy fine and imprisonment. Moreover, they’re already earning their due profit with the help of built-in house advantage. So why risk your huge profit, reputation, and millions of customers when you are already earning enough.