Is counting cards hard

Whether you are playing poker, baccarat, or blackjack, cards are used in a vast majority of casino games. If you are good at counting cards, then you can easily ace at any game and increase your winning chances. You will find many people telling you that it is just too much hard to count cards. Is that true or not? Is counting cards hard? Let’s take a deeper dive to find out.

How Does Counting Cards Work?

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What people misunderstand about counting cards is that they think you have to numerically count some cards present on the table but that is not the case.

Basically, counting card means keeping a tally of the cards present in your and the dealer’s hand. Most of the casino card games are played against the dealer and the dealer has their own set of cards in their hand. You have to guess in your mind that which card the dealer is going to play so that you play an appropriate and suitable card as a countermeasure. So if you will be able to count cards, you will have an approximate idea about which type of cards the dealer is going to get in the next. When you will know which cards the dealer is going to have, you will be able to effectively counter their move by having an even effective strategy in place. So this is how the process of card counting works.

How to Count Cards for Dummies?

For dummies, if you want to be good at counting cards, you got to be good at the basics of card counting and we are now going to teach that to you:

Know the Card Values

The first step is to know the card values. You need to accurately know which card holds which value, only then you will be able to count cards the right way. So the cards from 2-6 have a value equal to +1, the cards from 7-9 have neutral or 0 value, the cards from 10 to aces have -1 value.

Start the Count

The count starts from 0 and when each card is dealt, you add its value to the count.

Continue Counting

Do not pause or reset your count after each hand or round. Keep in mind that the count value does not go to zero after one round, it remains the same. So keep counting cards throughout the game.

Bet According to the Count

In the next step, you will place your bet according to the card count. It will increase your winning chances because a certain card count shows that the dealer will play a certain card next.

Keep it Secret

Always keep in your mind that casinos do not like card counters and if you are spotted counting cards, you may get into trouble.

Practice & Practice

The next thing you need to keep in your mind is that you cannot be good at counting cards unless you practice it maximum. Don’t just rush to the casino to waste your money thinking that you will easily count the cards. Instead, take your time and practice the art of counting cards at home. It will help you a lot.

Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

Blackjack is the most famous casino card game in the world with a decent winning percentage. If you can learn the art of counting cards at blackjack, you can surely win big prize money. Here are our tips to get good at counting:

Give a Value to Each Card

Assign a value to each number according to the instructions given above.


Count the cards and add the assigned value to the total sum when a specific card is dealt.

Strategize Your Bet Accordingly

It is a famous saying that the numbers never lie. Your count will suggest which card the dealer is going to play and you can use that knowledge to counter his move super-effectively. If the count is higher, it will mean that lower cards have been dealt with the high probability of a higher card coming next. And the lower count will suggest the exact opposite of the same thing.

What is the Purpose of Counting Cards in Blackjack?

The purpose of card counting in blackjack is to keep a tally of the cards. It will help you determine which type of cards the dealer holds in their hand. When you will have a little bit of idea about the dealer’s cards, you will be able to plan better and have an effective strategy in place to counter the dealer’s move.

For example, if your card count is a higher number, it will show that the dealer has played a lot of low cards and now he is probably going to play a higher card. So you will gear up to counter a higher card. This is the purpose of card counting in blackjack that it makes the game a little bit predictable for you.

How hard is Counting Cards?

Card counting is not that much hard as it seems. Initially, you will struggle to get along with the rhythm of accurately counting cards, but once you keep doing it for a while you will find it much easier to along.

You can start with practicing card counting and then trying your luck at the casino. The best way to do so is to play blackjack at home with friends on the weekends and test your card counting skills there.

How to Count Cards in Spades?

Counting cards in spades is exactly similar to counting cards in blackjack. All you have to do is to assign a value to the cards and when that specific card is played, just add its value to the total sum. Then use the outcome of your count to prepare an effective strategy to counter the next move of the dealer.

Try practicing at home and then try your luck and card counting skills in a real spade game at the casino.

Is Counting Cards Illegal?

No! Counting cards is not an illegal activity and the majority of the casinos do allow the players to count cards. However, casinos do not like the players to count cards because they not that it’s going to make them lose. That is the exact reason why we recommend you count the cards secretly in your mind.