Is bovada blackjack rigged

There are a lot of chatters among people that bovada blackjack is rigged and there’s no use in playing it. Is it true or not? Is bovada blackjack rigged? Let’s explore it.

What is Bovada Casino?

Bovada is renowned for betting all across the world. They allow the people to bet on the ongoing sports events like soccer, football, baseball, and basketball, etc. Moreover, they also offer the people to play and bet on famous casino games like roulette, slot, and blackjack, etc. Bovada blackjack is a brick & mortar game which means that you can not only play blackjack at their physical casino but also online through the internet. They have millions of players from all over the world which shows that people have their trust in them. 

Now you might be curious to know whether if Bovada casino cheats or not. Let’s solve the mystery.

Does Bovada Casino Cheat?

No! Bovada casino does not cheat. It’s because they can’t afford to cheat and we are going to prove that with logic.

You may not know that all the casinos in the world are regularized by the respective governments, which means that they have to follow a set of rules set by the governments to ensure fair play. When a casino fulfills the requirements of the government, then it is issued a gaming license. No casino can run its business without that gaming license. Bovada casino was licensed in Canada. It means that they’ve taken all the necessary steps for a fairer play and that is why they were issued the gaming license. 

It does not mean that the casinos can just pretend to be fairer to obtain the license and then start rigging the games & scamming the players. The licensing authorities strictly monitor the casinos to ensure they are following the rules and regulations. If any casino is caught scamming, rigging, or cheating; the government takes immediate and strict action against them. Their gaming license is canceled and they are subjected to a heavy fine and imprisonment. That’s the reason Bovada casino cannot afford to cheat because if they are caught, it will just ruin their entire business.

Is Bovada Live Blackjack Rigged?

No! Bovada’s live blackjack is not rigged at all. There are two reasons for that; one is that they can’t afford to rig because of the risks associated with it and the second one is that they don’t actually need to rig the live blackjack game. Let’s expand it more for the sake of easier understanding.

So the first thing that we have already mentioned above is that Bovada casino cannot afford to rig live blackjack because they will not only lose their gaming license if they are caught but they will also face heavy fines and imprisonment. So their whole business will be just destroyed if they start rigging the live blackjack game.

The second thing is that Bovada casino does not even need to rig live blackjack because they already have a house edge over the player. For your information, all the casino games have a mathematical edge over the players. It means that the house is on the winning side for most of the time and earns its due profit. People may win a game or two but the casino is always the winner in the long run. The house edge gives an assured defeat to the player no matter how good they are. So why would the casino risk their gaming license and millions of customers when they are already earning huge profit. 

That is the exact reason why Bovada’s live blackjack is not rigged because the game already has a house edge over the player and will always be the winner in the long run. 

Is Blackjack a Skill or Luck?

Well, in blackjack, you can neither ignore the importance of skill nor luck. You need a combination of skill & luck to win blackjack. Let’s discuss the importance of both of them:

1- Luck

No matter how much skilled you are, you won’t be able to win at blackjack if luck is not on your side. If luck is on your side, you may get the best deck of cards that will help you go on a hot streak and win. You will need very little skill & strategy if you already got the best cards of the game. You can even get a natural blackjack and win the game without much effort.

2- Skill

When we say that you need luck to win at blackjack, it does not mean that you don’t have to give a damn about skills and strategy. If you lack the basic understanding of the skills and strategies of blackjack then there is no doubt that you are going to bottle that lucky moment and end up losing the game despite being lucky. So skill is also important in blackjack.

In fact, you need a combo of both luck and skill to beat Bovada’s blackjack.

Best Bovada Blackjack Strategy

As we just said above that you need skills & strategy to win blackjack. It’s because if someday the luck is not on your side, you will still be able to win the game if you have an effective strategy in place. So what’s the best Bovada blackjack strategy? Let’s check it out:

  1. If you are a beginner, then we recommend you spend some time practicing the game before you jump into the actual game. Aim to get a hard 17 or higher than that. 
  2. If the dealer’s up-card is a 2-6 then there are high chances that he’s going to defeat you. So to avoid getting bust-up, you get a score of 13 or higher as it will surely save you.
  3. Never ever think about splitting the tens and never forget about splitting the eighths and aces. 
  4. Always double down on a hard 11.
  5. Don’t go for an insurance bet.
  6. If the dealer’s up-card is 7, then always go with a pair of 9.
  7. Play as much as you can because only then you will be able to know how things work in blackjack and help you come up with your own effective strategies.

How to Win Blackjack with $100?

To win blackjack with $100, you need to be good at the basic skills and strategies of the game. Follow the best strategies we have mentioned above, they will surely increase your chances of winning and help you beat the odds.

Practice as much as you can and learn to bet the smart way. Always know the best time to stop because if you keep on playing, you may end up losing. It’s because we never recommend playing any casino game for a long time as the house edge will give you an assured loss and take back all the money you won.

Is it better to Play Blackjack Alone?

What’s the best strategy to play blackjack? Should you play alone or involve other players too? Which option is more feasible? Let’s find it out today.

Honestly, it all depends upon the mood of the player. Some players like to play at a full table whereas some players prefer to play alone. 

The perk of playing alone is that you can play more freely without any interruption. You will not have to worry about any other player on the table who is mocking you over a certain move and making you nervous. You will be able to take your decisions freely. Moreover, the game will also move at a faster rate. So if you got an effective winning strategy, you would love to play solo because the game will move rapidly and you will get your prize in less time. 

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of rapid gameplay then we will suggest you play on a full table as the game will move at a slow pace. Moreover, you will also experience some thrill and aggression throughout the game. So the choice is truly yours and you are free to choose according to your taste.