How to tell if a slot machine is hot

So you have probably seen in movies where a man just goes to the casino, hits the slot machine, wins a jackpot, and becomes a millionaire. Seems like a cakewalk, right? Well, in real life, it would only be possible if you knew which slot machine is going to payout and then you can bet a big amount on that particular machine and get rich. So is it possible or not? Can you tell which slot machine is going to payout? If yes! Then, how to tell if a slot machine is hot? Let’s find out in today’s article. 

How to Tell When a Slot Machine is about to Hit?

There’s no such significant strategy that you can utilize to tell whether if a slot machine is about to hit or not. 

The reason is that the slot machines in the casino are random & independent. It means that every game you play on a slot machine is totally random and independent of the other games played on it. It has nothing to with the previous games played on it. To make it easy, let’s take an example. Suppose you won a $50 bet on a slot machine, now on the next bet, there is no guarantee that you are going to win. Maybe you will win and maybe you will lose. This is the randomization and independence of slot machines we are talking about. 

To sum up, every game you play on a slot machine is an ‘independent event’ and the previous series of games cannot affect the result of your game and predict what’s going to happen next. So it is not possible to tell if a slot machine is about to hit or not because they’re powered by Random Number Generator (RNG) software and their result are 100% random and independent. Although you can use some betting strategies and other tricks to increase your winning chances it is quite hard to predict if a slot machine is going to pay out or not.

 Let’s take a look at some secret strategies for winning on slot machines.

Secrets on Winning on Slot Machines

We just said above that slot machines are random, independent, and it is hard to predict their result. But you can use these secret strategies to beat the odds and increase your winning chances.

1- Place a Maximum Bet

The higher bet you place, the more lines you unlock. And when you have more lines unlocked, you have more chances of hitting the winning combination and getting a big payout. Moreover, you will also have access to prestigious in-game features like jackpots, bonuses, and multipliers, etc, that will boost your winning chances.  

2- Only Bet on Simple Slots

Don’t get into any complex slot machines because they are just designed to distract and confuse the player and make him lose. They have a lot of complex stuff like bonuses and multipliers that make it difficult to understand the game. Instead, play on simple slots as you will have a better understanding of the game and know what you are going for. 

How to Manipulate a Slot Machine?

Although we do not recommend you to manipulate the slot machines because it’s a criminal offense. But for educational purposes, we will tell you about the different tricks used by scammers to manipulate the slot machine.

1- Manipulating Slot Machine by Magnet

This trick can be used on old-school metallic slot machines only. Cheaters bring a big magnet with them and use it to stop the spinning slot machine at the desired point to get a winning combination. Then they remove the magnet and ask for prize money claiming that they have won.

2- String and Coin Trick

In this trick, cheaters tie a thin string with the casino coin that turns on the game. Then they insert the coin into the slot, once the coin activates the slot game, they pull out that coin with the help of the string. This way they use a single coin to play slots multiple times. 

3- Inserting Malware or Cheat Code

Digital/Electronic slot machines are run by computer software. Cheaters also insert cheat code or malware into the software to get desired results. However, it’s a very difficult task to accomplish.

4- Using Fake Coins

Scammers also generate fake copies of casino coins themselves and then use them to play on slot machines. 

Warning: Manipulating a slot can be a risky business because the casinos have a really tight security system and they are literally monitoring your every single movement through the CCTV cameras. So manipulating a slot for a few bucks can put you behind bars for a long time and also get you a heavy fine. 

Odds of Winning Jackpot on Slot Machine 

You have probably heard the internet or news that someone just hit a jackpot on a slot machine and became a millionaire. Is it easy or not? What are the odds of winning a jackpot on slot machines? 

Well, the odds of winning a jackpot on slot machines are quite lower. If you are playing on a slot machine with three reels, and ten figures, then your odds of hitting the jackpot are almost 1/1000. However, in some cases, the odds are even less. 

Slot Machine Payouts Schedule

Experts believe that you can judge the volatility of a slot machine by looking at its payout schedules. Since we are playing with numbers, there are chances that we may be able to guess if the slot machine is going to payout or not. For example, if the history of a machine shows that it is paying out on every third bet then chances are that it may payout on the same pattern again. But in general, it’s all about luck since slot machines are run by random number generator software and their result is random. 

1- Slots with Big Prize

The slots with a big prize and high return percentage often pay out less frequently. But as the reward is big, it’s worth the wait. It’s because if casino games start giving out millions of dollars every day, the casinos will go bankrupt.

2- Slots with Lower Prize

The slots with a lower prize money payout more frequently, it’s because since the prize is small, it doesn’t matter a lot to the casinos.

Slot Machine Algorithm

An algorithm is used a lot in computers. It is basically a set of rules and instructions that a machine or computer will follow to solve a particular problem or perform a calculation.

In the case of modern slot machines, they operate on Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm. RNG is designed in a way that it can choose a random number without any instruction or memory. RNG is the perfect choice for slot machines since it follows the concept of fair play and doesn’t allow any cheating in slots. 

Slot Machine Addiction

Slot machines are designed and decorated with beautiful colors, lights, and symbols to attract the attention of gamblers in the casino and make them addicted to the game. The game is so absorptive and full of thrill that every player wants to play it again & again. Even if they lose, they believe that they are going to recover all the lost money in the next bet and also make a profit along with that. 

Slot machine addiction has made a lot of people bankrupt because these games always have an advantage over you and they are on the winning side most of the time. We advise you to control yourself and know when to stop if you have won a big prize. It’s because your greedy mind will not let you stop and never say that “it’s enough, let’s go home now”. Instead, it will provoke you to chase more and more money and you will eventually end up losing your winnings as well.

Can Casinos Control Slot Machine Payouts?

The thing is that all the casino games have a mathematical/technical edge over the players. It is called “the house edge”. The house edge ensures that the casino is always on the winning in the longer run. That’s the reason why the casinos are still running because they make more profit with the help of house edge than they lose. 

So in the short-term, you may win two or three games individually but in the longer run, the casino is always on the winning side because of the house edge and earns its due profit.

So in simple words, casinos don’t need to control the payout of slot machines because they already have a house edge over the players and are making enough profit.