How to make money on roulette

Roulette has been played in casinos all across the world since the 18th century. It is renowned as the game of chance because you can’t do much to get the ball land at your predicted pocket. First traditional roulette was played a lot in casinos but now with the advancement of the internet and technology, we also have electronic and online roulettes to play now. In this article, we will be discussing how to make money on roulette. 

So the question is how much money you can make with roulette? Can you earn enough to make a living? Let’s find out.

Can You Make a Living Playing Roulette?

Of course, there are professional roulette players out there making a living off roulette. But it’s a risky choice and there is no consistency. 

Roulette is famously known as the game of chance. The reason why it is named like this is that there is too much luck involved in it. There’s a big spinning wheel with a lot of pockets and a ball is thrown into that wheel. You have to predict in which pocket the ball will be landing. You cannot do much effort to make the ball land at your predicted place, so it is all about luck. 

Moreover, the next thing is that roulette has a house edge over the player. House edge is a mathematical advantage that every casino game has over the player. The house edge of roulette will never let you win every time and that is the reason why we say that roulette is a risky and non-consistent choice to make a living. If you’re lucky someday, you will win and if you’re having a bad day, you will lose. That is how roulette works.

How to Always Make Money on Roulette?

It is not possible to always make money on roulette. Wondering why?

Well, roulette has a mathematical edge over you known as the house edge. The house edge is the reason why all the casinos are running today because it generates profit for the casinos by giving an assured defeat to the players. In the short-term, people win one or two games but in the longer run, the house edge ensures that the casino is always on the winning side and making its due profit. That is why it is dangerous to play any casino game for a long time. The world’s famous scientist Albert Einstein also tried to beat the game of roulette but couldn’t succeed at all.

So if you are thinking that you are going to win the roulette game every time and make money, you will be sad to know that it does not happen like that. The house edge will surely defeat you.

How to Make Money Betting on Red in Roulette?

The best way to make money betting on red in roulette is to bet the smart way. 

In this regard, we have a highly effective and proven rule for you. It is called the double & retain rule. Let’s expand it more for the sake of easy understanding.

The Double & Retain Bet Rule

In this rule, if you are betting on red and you win, you will double your bet by adding the winnings. But if you lose, you will retain your bet (neither increase nor decrease it). For example; you were betting $50 on red and you won. Now in the next round, you will double your bet and make it $100. Similarly, if you were betting $50 on red and you lost, then you will retain your bet and keep it $50. This way you will be able to proceed in the game, go on a hot streak and even win a jackpot. Moreover, you will also neutralize the risk of losing your precious money as you will already be playing with your winnings. 

It is the best money-making strategy for betting on red.

What is the Best Bet in Roulette?

When you are considering the best bets to make in roulette, you need to take care of your taste. It’s because there are different bets for different modes of plays. Some people want to play for prolonged hours and some people just want to place higher bets and win bigger prize money. We have explained the best bets in roulette below:

Best Bet to Play for a Long Time

If you love to spend a lot of time on the table, then this strategy is the way to go for you. In roulette, if you are placing straight bets on a single number, then you will win 35 units in the end. But you will win them only once in 37 hands. In simple words, if you are eyeing a big payout, you will win less often. But if you aim for a lower payout (less than your bet amount) you will win more often. This way the game will continue for a long time and you will be able to fulfill your thirst for prolonged gameplay.

Best Bet to Win Big Prize Money

If you want to experience the thrill of winning big prize money, then go with this strategy. Always bet straight up on a bet that pays out 35 to 1. It means that if you will place a $100 bet, you will earn $3500 if you win at the end. You may lose a lot of money fast but this happens when you are playing for a big reward. 

Spin a Win Strategy

There is no doubt that winning spin a win is all about your luck. But it does not mean that you should start playing spin & win blindfolded. There are some tips and tricks that you can apply from your end to increase your winning chances and turn the odds on your side. Let’s take a look:

  • Bet Smartly

You will have significant winning chances if you bet the right way. Otherwise, you may lose all of your money in a single go. Learn how to bet the right way. You can also apply the double & retain rule to improve your winning chances and go on a hot streak.

  • Choose 97.5% Returning Bets

Bets having a 97.5% return rate are the best choice in spin & win. So limit yourself to these bets and make sure nothing else distracts you. 

  • When to Stop

Spin & win is designed to keep the players coming back and extract all the money from their wallets. Try to understand this trap and know the best time for you to stop. Don’t be greedy and keep chasing more and more money otherwise, the house edge will teach you a life lesson by giving you an assured loss and taking back all the winnings from you.