How to beat electronic roulette machines

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games all over the world. It was invented back in the 18th century and its popularity is touching new heights every day. Traditional roulette is played on a table and everything is manual. However, with the advancement in technology, roulette has also become electronic. In this article, we will explore everything about electronic roulette and the best electronic roulette strategy that will help you win.

What is Electronic Roulette?

An electronic roulette machine has computer software that is powered by an electronic air blower. The software launches the ball into the spinning wheel with the help of that air blower according to the speed and force selected by the player. 

You will find many people saying that electronic roulette machines are rigged and controlled by magnets. That’s not correct. Electronic roulette machines have very sensitive proximity detection sensors in the middle. These sensors perform the duty of detecting the position of the ball. In fact, it is much easier to rig live roulette as the dealer can be bribed and trained to land the ball at the desired place. Electronic roulette does not even require the presence of a dealer. This is good for both the players and the casinos as the players will be able to play freely without the intervention of the dealers and the live casino in malaysia will not have to pay the hiring costs of the dealers.

Electronic Roulette Rules

Electronic roulette has pretty similar rules to live/traditional roulette. The main objective of the game is to predict where the ball will land once the wheel stops spinning. Since it is quite difficult to predict the exact landing position of the ball on such a big wheel, thus you are also allowed to predict whether if the ball will land on the even or odd numbers, or if it’ll land on the red or black number. If your prediction comes out to be true, you will get the payout money depending upon the size of your bet.

Electronic Roulette Betting Strategy 

Every roulette player is desperate to find a strategy that will help them win every time no matter what happens. But unfortunately, there’s no such fail-proof strategy that can help you win roulette every time. Since the beginning, roulette has been named the game of chance. It means that you can only win if you’re having a lucky day. Otherwise, there is no way you can control the ball present in that fast-spinning wheel and make it land at your desired place. However, some betting strategies will surely benefit you in some way and increase your chances of winning. Let’s check them out:

1- Double the Bet When You Lose

The first strategy is to double the bet when you lose. This strategy is a bit risky but it is worth the reward. For example, if you placed a $50 bet in the first round and you lost then you will double your bet in the next round. It means that now you will place a $100 bet in the next round. This will help you recover the money you lost in the previous round and help you make more money. But if you lose, you’re going to lose double the previous amount. That’s why it is a risky choice.

2- Double & Retain Rule

The double & retain rule is the exact reverse of the strategy we have mentioned above. According to this rule, if you win, you will double your bet in the next round and if you lose, you will retain your bet in the next round. To make it easy, let’s see this example. Consider you placed a bet of $10 in the first round and you won. Now you will double your bet in the next round which means that now your bet will be $20.  

And if your bet was $10 in the first round and you lost then you will retain the bet and it will remain $10 in the next round as well. This strategy will not only help you recover your previous losses but also help you go on a hot streak and increase your chances of winning the grand prize. 

How to Beat Automated Roulette Machines?

Automated roulette machines are run by computer software programmed by engineers. It means that they’re pre-programmed and you cannot do much to change their patterns.

That is why roulette is called the game of chance because you are solely dependent on your luck. 

So here’s the thing:

Unlike live roulette machines, the automated roulette machines are powered by Random Number Generator RNG software. Therefore, there is not much you can do against them. We recommend you spend some time watching other players playing automate roulette. It will help you get an idea of the patterns of the roulette machine and may turn the odds on your side.

How to Win on Electronic Roulette Machines?

As we have even explained above that electronic roulette machines are powered by RNG (Random Number Generator). Therefore, there are not many effective fail-proof strategies that can give you an assured win every time. However, there are some things that you can do from your end to have a better chance of winning and beating the odds:

Bet on Red & Black

Bet on red & black instead of betting on the numbers, it’s because there are a lot of numbers on the wheel and the chances of the ball landing on the exact number you predicted are very rare. In fact, there are more chances of the ball either landing on the black or the red pocket.

Betting the Right Way

You can also use the betting strategies we have mentioned above to increase your winning chances, recovering your losses, and earning more profit.

How to Win Roulette on Every Spin?

As we are repeatedly saying that roulette is all about your luck. It is famously known as the game of chance. 

There is no way you can win roulette on every spin because it has a house edge over the players and don’t let you win every time. Even the famous scientist Albert Einstein tried to beat the roulette game but he failed. In the end, he said that “No one can beat roulette unless he steals the money from the table when the dealer is not looking”. 

If there was any trick that would give you an assured win on every spin then everyone would be a millionaire today. 

To sum up, roulette is all about luck. However, you can increase your winning chances and turn the odds on your side by using the tips we have mentioned above in the article.