How to beat casino

Everyone goes to the casino with a desire to come out as a winner and richer. However, many people lose millions of dollars of their precious money in the casino at the same time. It’s because they do not know the basics of the game. They just get off the bed and enter the casino thinking that they are superhuman who can win all the casino games without even learning about anything. But that’s not the way how it is done. Casino games are designed to beat you and extract all the money from your pocket. You need an effective strategy in place to win these games. So, how to beat the casino? Let’s find it out.

How to Beat the Casino at Blackjack?

Blackjack is a combination of skill and luck. You may not know that these games always have a mathematical edge over the players. It means that they are designed in a way that will give you an assured loss. That is the reason why casinos earn billions of dollars of profit every year. So you need the best strategy to win at blackjack and we got it here for you.


  1. When playing blackjack, keep in mind that you are not perfect and the casino has an edge over you. It means that the casino can beat you. So you need a lot of practice. We recommend you spend some time in the casinos and watch other players play. You can also try the game with your friends. It will help you build your own strategy and understand how the game works. This way you will feel more confident and increase your chances of winning when you are playing the actual game.
  2. Never think about splitting the pair of five and ten from your card because it will hurt you in long term.
  3. Always remember to double down on hard 11 to increase your winning chances.
  4. Always split the pair of eights and tens in your card because keeping them will limit your moves.
  5. If you find that the dealer’s up-card is a 2 or 3 then hit him with a hard 12.
  6. If he is coming up with 9, 10, or an ace, then you are recommended to hot Soft-18 or Ace-7 as it will neutralize his move.
  7. If the dealer comes with an up-card equal to 9 or below, you should immediately double down on 10.
  8. Do not opt for an insurance bet because it will cost you a heavy price.
  9. Never play a 6 to 5 blackjack game because, in those games, the house has more chances of winning over you.

How to Beat the Casino Slots?

The casino slot is among the most played casino games in the world. In this game, your luck has a major role because you cannot do much to get the winning combinations. However, our experts have dropped the best tricks you can use to beat the casino slot:

Select a Higher Denomination Slot

Always remember this thumb rule that the higher the denomination, the higher the payout you will get. So choose a slot with a higher denomination as it will give you more winning chances. Moreover, you are also likely to get a bigger payout with a bigger denomination.

Bet Maximum

The more you will bet; the more lines you activate in the slot machine. When you will have more lines in the bet machine you will have more winning chances.

Don’t Play Complex Slots

Complex slots are a great way to confuse the players and make them lose. It’s because they have unnecessary distractions like bonuses and multipliers, which make it difficult to understand the game and make the player lose. Instead, we recommend you play simple slots as you will easily understand and have better winning chances.

Do Maximum Practice

Never start playing slots without any prior knowledge. Take your time, do maximum practice, and understand how the game works. It will help you win.

Stop when you’ve had enough

If you have won a big amount already, just stop playing. Don’t be greedy and play for more because the house edge of slots will make you lose and snatch all the winnings from you.

How to Beat Big Fish Casino Slots?

Now if you are wondering whether if the same strategy applies to big fish casino slot or not. Well, the basics are the same. Here’s what you should do to win at big fish slot:

Know How to Get Levels

Take your time and understand how the game works. Especially clear your concepts about how you get levels. If you’re good with getting levels, you will go on a hot streak and even win a jackpot.

Bet the Minimum Amount

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, always start with betting the minimum amount. It’s because big fish is a game of risk. Bet the minimum amount and gradually increase your bet by adding your winnings. It will help you play longer and reduce the risk of losing your money.

Spin a lot & Faster

If you will press the spin button a lot of time quickly, it will help you get XPs and raise your level. So spam the spin button and see how it works.

How to Beat Casino Time Trial?

Beating the casino time trial is all about holding your nerves. It’s because time trial is designed in a way that gives anxiety to players and makes them lose their concentration when the clock is ticking. A lot of players fall prey to this tactic; they lose their concentration and end up losing the game too.

So the next time you’re trying to beat the casino time trial, just hold your nerves and breathe properly to calm down yourself. Focus and the game and believe that you are going to make it. This tactic will easily help you beat casino time trials.

How to Beat the Casino at Baccarat?

There is no rocket science behind beating baccarat. Follow these proven and effective tips:

  • Never Ever Opt for Tie Bet : A tie bet is a trap set for the players to make them lose and give them an assured loss. Baccarat has more house edge on tie bet than any other bet. So avoid opting for a tie bet as there are more chances of losing.
  • Bet on Banker : Experts believe that the banker side has less house advantage. It means that you have more winning chances if you bet on the banker side.
  • Stick with Banker unless you lose : When you will bet on a banker, you will likely go on a hot streak. So stick with the banker and keep on betting it unless you lose.

Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy

Golden eagle is one of the most famous and effective baccarat strategies ever used. This strategy was invented in China. It teaches you two modes of play, the offense, and the defense.

It is very effective because you can quickly move back to the offensive strategy and then turn into defensive again in a single moment. The unpredictability of this strategy makes it very lethal and effective for baccarat players.

Baccarat Secret Pattern

There are some secrets about baccarat that can help you take your game on a whole another level:

1- It’s not only about luck

People think that baccarat is just about luck but no, that’s not true. You can use your skills & strategies and even the one mentioned above to win and make money.

2- Tie Bet is a Trap

Never fell in the trap of a tie bet. It has a lot of house edge over you and will eventually make you lose. That’s why we recommend you avoid betting on a tie bet.

How to Beat the Casino in GTA 5?

GTA 5 is one of the most famous video games in the world these days. If you want to get rich in GTA 5, just enter the casino and try your luck there. Here’s what you can do to win. Go for the inside track as it’s more rewarding.

Tip for Inside Track

Choose the fastest horse and ensure the bet is 100. You’re your controls and hold the mouse button for longer to ensure your horse beats the others and wins the prize.

How to Beat the Casino in Stardew Valley?

Go through the backdoor of oasis to get enter the casino in stardew valley. However, you must have completed the mysterious Qi quest to enter the casino otherwise you won’t be allowed to enter. Once you go in, you will find Mr. Qi there, you can get Qi coins from him by exchanging gold at a rate of 10:1. Then you can use that gold to play slots, roulette, and blackjack. You can apply the same respective strategies we mentioned above to beat the casino in stardew valley.