Do online casinos really payout

The internet has revolutionized the world and everything is at your fingertips in the form of a smartphone. You can do almost everything from home with the help of the internet. Now you don’t have to travel all the way to the casino because you can enjoy the same gambling experience and play different casino games online at home. However, with the growing trend of online casinos, there are many questions about their authenticity. Do online casinos really pay out? Everyone needs an answer to this question, so let’s solve the mystery. 

Online Casinos that Actually Payout

As you know that in online casinos, players are thousands of miles away from each other and they are only connected on a screen with the help of the internet. This thing leads to a lack of trust and credibility because it’s human nature that we do not completely trust any process that is not going on in front of our eyes. 

Similarly, a lot of people doubt the authenticity of online casinos because they are afraid that they might not pay out the winning money or even take away their betting money. Online casinos can probably just take your betting money and ban/scam you and you won’t be able to do anything because you are thousands of miles away from them. 

Does all this stuff actually happens or not? Well, it does happen if you are playing at a scam casino with no reputation. The only solution is that you play at legitimate and licensed online casinos with a good reputation only. So how do you find legitimate and licensed casinos that actually pay out? Actually, you don’t need to find one because we have dropped them below for you. 

SCR 888

SCR888 online casino was launched in 2015 and it’s even more popular in 2021. It is based in Asia and has tons of customers. SCR888 is renowned for providing excellent online gaming and gambling experience without any inconvenience. Thousands of Asian people from countries like Malaysia and Singapore have joined this platform and play regularly. You can also play it from anywhere and anytime you want. They have a vast variety of games in their catalog like ocean king, racing cars, and battle king, etc.  

Moreover, they are famously known as a super-generous casino over the world because of the unusual promotions and bonuses they provide to their players. For example, they give a 150% welcome bonus for new players so that they can easily kick off their campaign at the casino. Along with that they also provide a 50% daily reload bonus to keep the players coming back.

To summarize, SCR888 is licensed by multiple international authorities and declared to be fair. They have secure payment gateways and protect a player’s personal information by encrypting it. It means that you can enjoy non-stop gambling and gaming there without any fear or worry. 


918Kiss is a rebranded version of SCR888 and they have thousands of loyal returning customers from different places like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, etc. They allow you to deposit your money into the casino’s wallet and then convert it into the casino credits to play different games. They have multiple games in their catalog like racing cars, slots, fishing, and shooting games along with live table modes. Moreover, there’s a wide range of casino games as well such as poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, etc.

They are famous for the extraordinary security they provide to the players and their security standards are even above the international standards. They have all the protective measures for you like two-factor authentication, etc. They have plenty of stuff to offer to you like a non-stop gaming experience and daily bonuses and promotions. 


Mega 888 online casino is a blend of thrill, excitement, fun, security, and customer care. Their online gaming system is easily accessible and supported by almost all operating systems. They have quality games that you can not only enjoy, but also make money from them. Mega 888 is licensed by international authorities and they’re never looking for cheap tricks to scam the players. They have a two-factor authentication system to ensure no one gets illegal access to your account and that’s the same reason they protect all of your personal data by encrypting it. 

Micro Gaming

Micro gaming is one of the earliest online casino platforms which kicked off its operations in early 1994. Now they have two headquarters at different locations and also a member of eCOGRA (an authority that ensures fair play and player’s data protection). From this, you can conclude that they are not just an online casino but they are an embodiment of online casino gaming that ensures customer care and fair play. They provide a quality gaming experience and daily promotions and bonuses to the players to make things easy for the players.

Play Tech

Play tech is another major tycoon of the online casino gaming and software industry. They were established in 1999 and have accomplished unlimited achievements and reached new heights of fame in 2021. You can even read about them at different casino reviews and then you will find out that they have no comparison in fair play and customer care.

Play tech also provides you daily promotions and bonuses so that you keep coming back to the casino and enjoy the thrill of games. They have a policy of no compromise on the privacy of player’s personal information and that’s why they protect your data with the help of a firewall so that no hacker could access it. Moreover, your data is stored in encrypted form so that no one could read and translate it. 

Asia Gaming

The last one on our list is Asia gaming, they were established in 2012 and have become a giant tycoon in the online casino gaming industry by now. Asia gaming provides you live table experience of different games like baccarat, blackjack, and bull-bull, etc. They have different gaming modes that can either be accessed by mobile phone or even PC. 

How Do Online Casino Pay You?

Different online casinos have different payment gateways so let’s check out the most common and modern ones.

  • Bitcoin

With the rapidly growing trend of cryptocurrency, many casinos have started to payout the winnings in the form of bitcoins. It is a reliable and safest payment gateway.

  • Credit/Debit Card

You can also connect your credit or debit with the casino’s wallet and transfer your winnings.

What happens if you win too much at an Online Casino?

If you are playing on a reputable online casino by fair means then you won’t get into any trouble because you are just playing fairly and winning due to your luck. It’s because reputable casinos like the one we mentioned above are licensed by international organizations and they are audited and declared to be fair. So they will pay you all of your winnings as long as you are playing by fair means. But if you are winning by cheating, they will just ban you and get rid of you.

On the other hand, if you are playing at a scam online casino with a poor or no reputation, they may deprive you of your precious money. So the solution is that you only play at licensed online casinos with a good reputation.