Casinos don’t expect you to do this but they can’t stop you

Everyone goes to the casino with a desire to win money & on the other hand, the casinos want to save their money and extract as much they can from your pocket. If you look at the stats, you will find that the casinos are on the winning side most of the time. In 2019 alone, casinos earned a grand profit of $130 billion. It’s because they have a “house edge” over the player which helps them earn their due profit over every bet. You can exploit their house edge and increase your chances of returning home richer. Casinos don’t expect you to do this but they can’t stop you because we are going to share all the secrets that casinos hide from you. 

Some Games Have Lower House Edge

House edge is a mathematical and technical advantage that the casinos have over the players. Almost all casino games are mathematically programmed in a way that they are bound to win a certain amount of profit over every bet. It means that people may win a few games in short term but in the long run, the casino will earn its profit by giving an assured loss to the players. The short-term wins keep the people coming back to the casinos and the long-term house edge draws profit for the casinos. This is how the whole cycle works. 

Certain games have a lower house edge and provide you more chances of winning and going home rich. For example, poker, bingo, and blackjack have up to 3% advantages only. Furthermore, video poker also has less house advantage and it gives a 0.46% advantage to the house only. Penny slots are a trap set by the casinos. They seem like a cheaper option, but they give an edge of over 10% to the house.

Bet Higher & If You Win, Just Walk Away

The higher you bet, the higher the reward you’ll get. So do not waste your time roaming around cheaper games like penny slots. It’s because even if you win at penny slots, you’ll get nothing more than a few pennies. Instead, bet higher on the expensive games because those are the ones that give the highest prize. 

Once you win something, do not stick there for a long time. Just take your prize and walk back to your home immediately. It’s because if you keep playing any casino game for a long time, you are destined to lose. After all, no one can beat casino games in the long run as they have a house edge over the player.

Always keep in mind that casino games are never your friend. They’ll try to deprive you of your precious money and extract the maximum money from your pocket. For example, you win $10,000 at the slot machine. Now your greedy mind will tell you to bet again and put all this money on stake so that you can earn $20,000 next. However, the house edge will never let you keep winning and you will eventually lose. So the moment you win something, just take your prize and walk away.

Everything at the Casino Is a Trap

Never forget that the casinos are not your friend. Perhaps, they’re your enemies pretending to be your friends. Everything at the casino is a trap that is designed to keep you at the casino for a long time. It’s because the more time you spend at the casino, the more chances of you losing your money and the casino gaining profit. 

Today, a lot of casinos take special measures to keep the customers attracted to the casino. For example, stripper poles and free food and drinks are a great way to lure people into gambling and spending more time at the casino. You will find a lot of people telling you that they got free food and drinks at the casino but they won’t tell you that they lost $1000 at blackjack at the same time. So, avoid falling into any such trap. 

Never Ever Play Keno

Keno is a lottery at the casino. We have seen a lot of people losing all of their money playing Keno. Why? It’s because Keno gives a 35% to 50% house advantage to the casino. It means that the house has 35% to 50% more chances than you to win the game. In Keno, you have to choose numbers from 1 to 80. After that, the casino takes out 20 numbers and if your numbers match with the numbers taken out by the casino, then you win the prize. 

You will be shocked and surprised that the chances of your 20 numbers matching the casino’s 20 numbers are 1 in 1000000000000000000 (3.5-quintillion). So it’s just a trap and waste of money. You can bet this money on any other game that has less house advantage and more chances of you winning. 

Always Play Old School Slots

Casinos have two types of slots; video slots and old-school slots. They have decorated and designed video slots with beautiful colors, graphics, and lights to attract customers. They want the customers to keep betting on video slots because they give out a small prize that does not matter much to the casino.

On the other hand, old-school slots are quaint and worn out. They are made less attractive to keep the customers away because they give out a higher payout. 

So we recommend you play old school slot instead of a video slot because all that glitter is not gold.

Avoid Playing With Regular Players

There are always some regular customers at every casino who’re playing there for ages. So they know all the winning tips and tricks much better than you. Therefore, they have exponentially more chances of winning over you and that’s why we recommend you avoid playing with them.

So next time you go to the casino, check if there’s no regular/professional sitting at your table. The best way to spot a regular/professional is to check the body language of the players and their behavior with the dealers. If a dealer is greeting a player with their name, it means that they already know each other and that player is a regular. Or if a player is looking very comfortable, casual, and confident, it could also be a sign that they’re a regular or pro. 

Instead, choose another table with people of the same caliber having the same experience as you. It’ll surely turn a few odds on your side. 

How to Trick a Slot Machine?

Slot machines are very famous and give out a high payout especially the old school ones. Legally, you cannot do anything to trick the slot machine and win a prize. If you’ll try anything illegal, you are likely to be caught because casinos have a strong security and surveillance system. They’re always keeping an eye on all the players through dealers, agents, and CCTV cameras to ensure no one is cheating. You will end up in jail for months or even years along with a heavy fine if you’re caught doing something illegal. But still, we’ll share some cheats and tricks for educational purpose only:

1- Fake Coin

Scammers often reproduce the casino coins privately and then use them at the slot machine. However, you will end up in prison if you’re caught.

2- Magnets

Magnets can’t do anything against modern slot machines as they’re powered by computer software. Scammers used to get their winning combination by stopping the old metallic slot machines with the help of magnets. Then they used to remove the magnet and claim their prize.  

3- Yo-Yo Trick

In this trick, a thin string is tied to the coin and inserted into the coin slot. Once the coin triggers the game to start, it is pulled out. This hack is also applicable to old metallic slot machines only.

4- Software Manipulation

Slot machines are usually run by computer software that is programmed by engineers. People also exploit this software to get a winning combination.

Reminder: It’s better to lose a few dollars or winning a small prize rather than spending years in jail & paying a heavy fine. That’s why we recommend you not to try anything illegal to trick the slot machine.

Best Time to Go to Casino & Win

There are several different best times to go to a casino & win:

Early Morning

Playing casino in at early morning is the best choice because there are fewer people in the casino at that time. The early morning atmosphere in the casino is also happier and relaxing. So playing at that time will bring you positive vibes. Moreover, you will get to choose the seats and machines of your choice. So if you don’t like to be around a lot of people, early morning is the best time to win for you.

Saturday Night

If you’re a big fan of hustle and bustle and love to be around a lot of people, then Saturday night will be the best time to win for you. Everyone will be there to relax & enjoy after a stressful week. Also, you’ll feel relaxed because tomorrow is Sunday. 

Casino Players Card Secret

Ever thought about why you have to sign up for a player card every time you go to a new casino? Does it give you an advantage or bonus? What’s the purpose of it?

Well, the secret purpose of a player card is to track your play.

Every time you sit at a machine, you put the card in and all your profile data appears on the system of the casino administration. It helps them track which game you’re playing and how many points you have earned. A Player card also helps the casino to track your interests, performances and send you offers and bonuses accordingly to keep you coming back to the casino.