Best casino game to win money

There is no doubt that we all go to the casino to try our luck, hit a jackpot, and come back home richer. Every day hundreds of people go to the casino with the same hope but their dreams are shattered when they come back home as a loser. It’s because they played the wrong game at the casino which had very fewer odds of winning.

So what’s the best casino game for making money? There are just too many games at the casino and people often get confused choosing which one is right for them. In this article, we will explore which is the best casino game to make money. 

Importance of Choosing the Right Casino Game

The casino is full of games and it is never an easy option to choose which game is best for making money. A lot of people say that casino games are all about luck and you should just go blindfold and try your luck playing any game.

Our take is that it would be a really stupid move to entirely rely on your luck and putting your precious money at stake. You can do a little bit of your research and it will give you a lot of super-effective strategies and tips and tricks to win casino games. 

Moreover, you will also learn which game is the best to make money and which game is not.

Best Games to Play at Casino to Win

Whenever you are choosing the best game to play at the casino, make sure to go with the one that has less house edge. 

If you don’t know about house edge, let us tell you that all the casino games have a mathematical/technical advantage over the players which is known as the house edge. It means that the casino games are mathematically programmed in a way that ensures the casino is always on the winning side in the longer run. The house edge is the reason why casinos are still operative today because they are earning exponentially more profit with help of house edge than they are losing. 

So the thing is that different casino games have different percentages of the house edge. The games with a higher house edge are difficult to beat and the games with a lower house edge are a little bit easy to beat. Now the next time you go to the casino, do your own research to find which game has better odds because it will surely affect your winning chances. If you will place your bet on the right game, you will have significantly more winning chances. 

Now if you are wondering which game has the best odds, don’t fret too much because we got it all covered for you.

What Casino Game Has the Best Odds for a Payout?

Here are a few games that have the best odds and provide you with better winning chances:


Blackjack is the most famous casino card game played all around the world. While the game requires you to have a complete understanding of all of its basic strategies, it offers 49 % mind-blowing winning odds. The game is played against the dealer and you need to have proper knowledge and strategies in place to counter every single move of the dealer. So blackjack may take some time to be mastered, but in the end, it will always be worth your time as it has decent odds of winning. 


Craps is also among the best and most famous casino games all across the world. It has almost 50% winning odds which are not that common in other casino games. It means that you and the dealer both have nearly equal winning chances. In this game, there are two persons. One is the shooter whose job is to roll the dice and the second one is the gambler who will place a bet on the results of the dice. 


The 3rd best game to make money at the casino is roulette. It also offers winning odds of around about 50%. It means that just like craps, roulette also provides you 50/50 winning chances. Roulette is also simple and easy to play. There is a big table having a wheel with 36-37 numbers on it. The wheel is spun and a ball is dropped into the wheel. You have to predict where the ball will land. You can either bet on the individual digits, even or odd, and red & black. If the ball lands on your predicted pocket, you will get the winning prize money. 

Best Slot Game to Win Money

Casino slots are probably the most famous casino games in the world. A lot of people have real solid excitement towards playing slots due to the thrill associated with it. Slots are also quite simple to play. There’s a slot machine in front of you having at least 3 or more reels on it. You have to insert the casino coin to activate it and once the game is activated, you have to hit the spin button. If you get the winning combination, you will get a payout according to the amount of your bet. 

However, there are many different types of slots and people ask us which one is better for making money. We asked this question to our experts and here is what they had to say:

Gladiator Slot

The number one is the gladiator slot because it has a very high return to player percentage. The RTP value of the gladiator slot is near 91.50% along with $2000000 of jackpot value.


The number two is the Cleopatra slot with an RTP value of 95% and a $2000000 jackpot value as well. 

Gold Fish

Goldfish is probably the best slot with very high winning chances. It has an RTP value of 96% along with a $1050000 jackpot value.

Best Casino Games for Beginners

If you are a complete beginner who is just starting with casino games, you might be wondering which game is the best to start with. Here’s our suggestion for you:


It is very simple and easy to play. You either have to bet on the banker or the player’s side and then see the game unfold.


As you even read about the roulette above that it is super easy to play and beginner-friendly. It’s all about a small ball, spinning wheel, and predicting where it will land. 


Casino slots are super attractive, simple, and easy to play for a beginner.

We recommend you to play simple and easy games like the one we mentioned above and learn the complex games gradually by taking enough time. 

How to Win at the Casino with $20?

Here’s the strategy our experts recommend to win at a casino with $20:

  1.  Choose the games with less house edge so that you have more winning chances as compared to the other games.
  2. Place your bets smartly. You can start with betting only $1 per round or you can follow the Martingale and Reverse Martingale strategy where you either double the bet when you win, retain it when you lose, or double the bet when you lose and retain when you win. It will help you recover previous losses, earn more money and go on a hot streak to increase your winning chances.