Are blackjack side bets worth It

Blackjack is one of the most played table casino games in the world. The game is full of thrill, fun, excitement because all the players utilize the best of their mind while applying different strategies to counter the moves of the dealer. The game is so much diverse because countless strategies can be used to counter the dealer.

On one side, the players keep thinking when and what they should double, hit or surrender, and on the other side; they keep stressing about different strategies. In the midst of all of this, there comes a very interesting question and that is; are blackjack side bets worth it? Should you place a side bet or not? What are the pros and cons of placing a side bet? Let’s discuss it all in this ultimate article.

What is a Blackjack Side Bet?

A blackjack side bet is a type of bet that in which you predict and bet on different aspects of the gameplay such as what type of cards the dealer or player will receive, etc.

Why Do Side Bets Exist?

There are a couple of reasons why the casinos include side bets in blackjack.

  1. The first reason is that side bets add an extra thrill and action into the game.
  2. The second reason is that side bets are very beneficial for the players who want to make some extra profit.
  3. Side bets make the blackjack game more thrilling and keep the players coming back to the casino.
  4. Side bets allow the casinos to make some extra profit along with the regular ones.

Are Side Bets in Blackjack Worth It?

No! Blackjack side bets are absolutely not worth it.

So the thing is that blackjack side bets involve no skill, strategy, and they are pure luck. If the luck is on your side, you will win, and if the luck is not on your side then you will lose. You cannot do anything to influence the results of blackjack side bets.

The second reason is the house edge. You know that all the casino games have a mathematical advantage known as the house edge over the players which ensures that the casino wins most of the games and makes more profit. Blackjack side bets have a significantly higher house edge than the rest of the blackjack game. Therefore, you already have very rare chances of winning.

How to Win Blackjack Side Bet?

Blackjack side bet is all about predicting and betting on how the game will unfold. For example, you can predict and bet on what types of cards the player or the dealer will get. And for that, you need to be good at card counting. Here is a card counting tip for you:

  1. Assign a numerical value to each type of card present in the deck.
  2. When a specific card is dealt, add its numerical value to your count.
  3. Keep counting the cards till the end of the round.
  4. Your final count will predict what types of cards have been played and what the player or the dealer is about to get.

This is how you can win blackjack side bets.

Blackjack Side Bets 21+3

If you have no idea about blackjack side bet 21+3, then let us tell you that it is all about examining/predicting the player’s two cards and the up-card of the dealer.

If all three of those cards will either form:

  1. A flush
  2. A straight
  3. Three of a kind
  4. Straight flush

Then the player will win and receive the winning prize depending on the size of their bet and all the relevant factors.

21+3 Blackjack Payout

The average payout of 21+3 blackjack side bet was found 9 to 1 for each winning hand. If we do all the mathematical calculations, we will find that the house edge on side bets is equal to 3.23 – 3.24. It means that in the case of side bets, the house has a very big advantage over you, even bigger than the blackjack game itself.

That is the exact reason why experts call side bets more volatile than anything because you win very rarely, but when you win, you win really big.

Blackjack Rummy Side Bet Odds

First of all, you need to know what rummy side bet is in blackjack.

In blackjack, rummy side bet means that you have to create a meld of different cards having something similar between them. Here is what you have to make sure of while creating a meld:

  1. All the cards have the same rank – like 3 jokers and 3 aces, etc.
  2. All the cards in the meld must have a similar suit – like all spades and all hearts, etc.
  3. All the cards in the meld should also be numerically sequenced.

Now, if you are wondering about the odds of winning at the blackjack rummy bet, then let us tell you that the blackjack rummy bet pays off 9 to 1 so the house edge is up to 4.14%. This is even higher than the actual blackjack game that has a house edge of only 1%. So that is how things work in blackjack rummy side bet.

Blackjack Dealer Bust Side Bet

The casinos always keep trying to add new and new things to the blackjack game to make it more and more interesting. Blackjack dealer side bet is something similar like that.

Blackjack dealer bust side bet is actually an optional bet that allows you to win money when a dealer busts. If the dealer has more cards in their busted hand, then you will receive more money accordingly. But if the dealer succeeds in avoiding busting their hand, then all the players who placed a dealer bust bet will lose their money.

You can place a bet on the blackjack game and the dealer bust as well at the same time. Even if you lose the blackjack game, you still have chances of winning the buster side bet.

Blackjack Pair plus Odds

When we are talking about blackjack pairs plus odds, it means that we are finding the blackjack pairs that are the most profitable.

So the actual thing is that different blackjack pairs have different odds because they have a different house edge over them. The house edge is a mathematical advantage that the game has over the players. More house edge means fewer winning odds.

So the solution is to look for the pairs with a lower house edge because those are the ones that are going to payout the most. You can also couple this up with effective betting strategies that will surely turn the money flow on your side.